About Us

Hi! My name is Christen DeRito. I'm a mom of four and owner of Pon Neuf Studio. I started my business about 8 years ago and have been dreaming about what it can become ever since. I love providing a place to buy high quality, unique items all locally hand crafted in the USA. 

The name Pont Neuf Studio is inspired by a street in France, Rue Pont Neuf. It means New Bridge Street and is the street Zelie Martin had her Point d'Alencon lace business on. She lived an inspiring life from 1830-1877 which included raising her children while creating a highly successful business that grew to employ 15 lacemakers.

All of Pont Neuf Studio's items are made for you by a small group of crocheters and knitters. Some of out best selling accessories and favorite to make are our sling bags, beer mitts and slouchy hats. 

I hope you have a look around.